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Release notes - May 16, 2024

Nik Pot

Settings UI refresh

We made changes to our admin portal to make sure it is easier to navigate.

  • We reorganized the Settings section. Right now Settings are grouped by the product category, so it is easier to set up idemeum exactly as you need. Right now settings are grouped into:
    • Global - this is where you configure tenant-wide settings, including how technicians onboard, and how they authenticate to portals
    • Desktop agent - configure how desktop agent behaves
    • RFID - configure RFID Single Sign-On features
    • PAM - set up Just-in-time (JIT) accounts and LAPS

More information about settings below:

Tenant cloud settings
High-level overview of idemeum admin portal settings.

Agent installation UI refresh

We also moved devices installation script to Devices section and made things simpler. You can now choose the OS of the workstation, grab the command, and execute it on workstation to install idemeum agent.