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September 8, 2023

Nik Pot


  • Filter out Radius applications if feature is not enabled
  • Associate AppId to the session token and remove implicit old token
  • Added an API to search entitlements by the windows identifier id
  • Rest API for user source connector metadata crud
  • Exposed mspElevatedAccessEnabled flag in user info
  • Added an api to get the user's credentials
  • Provide an API to save rotated credentials for local admin accounts
  • Enhance desktop entitlement fetch API to return
  • Return DC name if configured as part of RFID lookup API
  • Enhance the existing Shared Account Configuration
  • Support to configure Domain controller name
  • Move hrm-rest api to rest module
  • Add another attribute to the managed pass app to save native windows app id
  • Enhance user token API to return user session
  • Group edit functionality is broken when custom attribute is no longer exists
  • Remove the check for feature flags as all of them are enabled
  • Clean up the previous entitlement api call for admin managed password apps
  • Fixed typo in schema name
  • Enhance existing API to search only entitlements for the app types
  • Rename built in all users group
  • Added a feature flag for desktop native autofill
  • Rename all users group
  • Fix TenantSettings save RFID properties
  • Remove the /promote API
  • Apply default flags for Desktop on Tenant creation
  • Enhanced customer resource to honor the mspElevatedAccess