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Idemeum and Deep Instinct SAML SSO

Nik Pot


You will need to download idemeum SAML metadata first:

  • Access idemeum tenant that will be set up for federation
  • Navigate to ApplicationsSAML metadata

You will need to copy the following values:

  • Identity Provider SSO URL
  • Identity Provider Entity ID
  • Public X509 certificate

Configure Deep Instinct

  • Navigate to Deep Instinct dashboard
  • Go to SettingsIntegration and notificationSingle Sign-On (SSO
  • In the Identity Provider URL paste the idemeum value for Identity Provider SSO URL
  • In the Identity Provider Issuer paste the idemeum value for Identity Provider Entity ID
  • Also paste the X509 certificate value
  • Save the configuration

Configure idemeum

Configure SAML application

  • Navigate to idemeum tenant admin portal
  • Access ApplicationsAdd appCatalog app
  • Search for Deep instinct and then click Add app
  • Click Next to proceed to SAML configuration
  • Paste the values that you obtained from idemeum
  • Click Save to save the application configuration

Create application entitlement

You configured SAML application, and now you need to give access to this application to idemeum users

  • Navigate to Entitlements and click Add rule
  • Give rule a name, choose Group for IF condition, select All users from the dropdown, and choose Deep Instinct as an application to access
  • Save the rule configuration
  • Now when users switch to App portal they will see Deep Instinct application tile and can launch this application with SAML