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Desktop agent install guides

Desktop client Ninja RMM installation

This guide describes how to deploy idemeum desktop client to a fleet of Windows workstations with Ninja RMM.

Nik Pot


idemeum offers a PowerShell script that can be deployed with Ninja RMM to silently install or upgrade idemeum desktop client. Script will pull the latest binary and will perform base installation or upgrade as necessary.

Obtain PowerShell command

  • Navigate to your idemeum tenant and access admin portal
  • Access Settings -> Desktop installation
  • Choose PowerShell submenu
  • Click Copy
  • You will be presented with the command that you can copy and execute directly on the workstation, or save it as PowerShell script
Please note that every time you generate a PowerShell command, idemeum will create a new set of client credentials, therefore all previously generated commands and client credentials will be invalidated.
  • Save the command somewhere, so that it can be deployed with Ninja RMM.

Install or upgrade desktop client

  • Navigate to AdministrationLibraryAutomation, then click Add and then New script
  • Provide a name for the script
  • Choose any categories
  • For Language use PowerShell
  • For operating system use Windows
  • For architecture choose All
  • Copy the PowerShell command that you obtained from the idemeum admin portal in the previous step

Now you can execute this script on the fleet of target machines:

  • Navigate to Devices
  • Choose the devices you need
  • Click RunRun automationScript
  • Choose the script created in the previous step and then select Run as System

Once the script is run you can verify the activity:

  • Choose the device for which the installation status needs to be checked
  • Navigate to Activities tab
  • Click More
  • Here is what you should see for the new installation
  • Here is what you should see if the client has been updated