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For MPSs

MSP portal


idemeum offers an MSP portal so that you can manage all your customers from a single console. You can add or remove customers and delegate the right level of access to each customer account without compromising security.

MSP portal functionality needs to be enabled for your tenant. Once you sign up from idemeum trial tenant, you can reach out to and request the MSP portal feature.

Portal functionality

Create new customer tenant

  • Navigate to your idemeum admin portal
  • Access Customers -> Add new customer
  • Specify Name and Display name to create new customer tenant
We will create a new customer tenant name as a subdomain of your MSP tenant. For example, my tenant name is and then I create a new customer tenant name as Banking (the image above), then idemeum will create a new customer tenant as
  • Once you save your new customer tenant, it will appear in the customers table

Delegate access to customers

As an MPS you have granular control for who is accessing your customer tenants. You can choose admins who will have admin access to your customer tenants.

  • Navigate to your admin portal and access Customers
  • Click on three dots and choose Delegate admin option
  • Then choose users of your tenant who will have access to customer tenant. You can choose any user of your MSP tenant.
  • Once the user is added, she will become the admin of customer tenant

Access customer tenant

You can access customer tenant directly by navigating to customer tenant URL, i.e.

Or you can navigate to admin portal, access Customers section and click on the tenant name link. Once you access the customer tenant link you will need to login with your mobile device.

Delete customer tenant

To delete customer tenant naviate to your admin portal, access Customers section, click on three dots, and choose Delete option.