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Nik Pot


We have released a new version of our Cloud RADIUS service. You can now protect Wi-Fi and VPN access without managing any servers. Idemeum Cloud RADIUS supports modern TLS protocols, and allows user authentication with cloud credentials or Passwordless MFA. 

Quick demo video

Documentation portal

We have updated the documentation section for idemeum Cloud RADIUS.

Fully-managed cloud-hosted RADIUS infrastructure for Wi-Fi and VPN user authentication. Supports credentials, MFA, and certificates.

Certified integrations

We have tested and certified integrations, including Ubiquiti and Meraki. We will keep adding more integrations in our integrations portal.

Cloud RADIUS Integrations - idemeum documentation
idemeum is a single place to manage access to applications, desktops, and infrastructure without passwords. Leverage RFID badges or Passwordless MFA.


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