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Release notes - June 4, 2024

Nik Pot

Tenant creation with CSV files

You can now create customer tenants by uploading a CSV file. Moreover, for all your existing tenants you can download a CSV file with all installer PowerShell commands.

Bulk tenant creation
Create multiple tenants by uploading the CSV file with tenant data.

Technician login with OTP

When techs login into workstations with JIT accounts, there are multiple methods available - scan QR-code, or trigger mobile app notification. We introduced another option to login with one-time code. Enable this option in Settings, and you will be able to retrieve OTP code from mobile app and login into any customer workstation.

Technician login methods
Technicians can access customer workstations by scanning a QR-code, triggering a push notification, or using an offline one-time code.

Selective account login

For domain workstations we now offer an option to choose what account you want to log in as - domain admin account or local admin account. This feature is useful when you want to have certain workstations where domain admin account shall not be exposed. You can configure this setting for each customer tenant.

Selective JIT login
Overview For domain-joined workstations where idemeum desktop client is installed, you can choose what account to use for technician login - domain or local. This feature is useful if you want to control on which workstations you want to expose your domain admin account. Configuration * Navigate to your customer tenant