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Elevated Access to Entra ID


Secure access to customer Entra ID tenants by generating just-in-time accounts for your technicians and automatically rotating passwords.

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🟢 Quick-start - Elevated Access to Entra ID
In this guide we will set up Elevated Access to Entra ID for MSPs. Technicians can request Just-in-time admin accounts for customer Entra ID tenants and access them from idemeum portal.


We built Elevated Access to Entra ID specifically for MSPs to stop sharing admin accounts when accessing customer Entra ID tenants.

Every cyber security framework requires admin access to be done with individual named accounts. Therefore, to help MSPs meet compliance requirements and not waste time manually managing hundreds of accounts and rotating passwords we created Elevated Access to Entra ID that is part of our PAM stack for MSPs.

With idemeum each technician can request an individual just-in-time account for each customer Entra ID tenant, account will be disabled after specified period of time, and passwords will be periodically rotated.

Benefits for MSPs



  • Eliminate shared admin accounts
  • Secure access to Entra ID credentials with FIDO2 Passwordless MFA
  • Automatically enable and disable accounts only when they are needed

Technician experience