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Elevated Access to Entra ID

Supported features

High-level overview of what features Elevated Access to Entra ID offers.

Elevated Access to Entra ID feature table

Feature Description
Just-in-time (JIT) Entra ID accounts Idemeum automatically creates individual Entra ID admin accounts for your technicians. Account creation is requested by technicians on-demand. You can also configure how long you want Entra ID accounts to be enabled for before technicians need to request access again.
Automatic password rotation Idemeum will automatically rotate Entra ID accounts passwords and will enforce strong 12-character random passwords.
Audit logs Detailed audit logs are captured and maintained in the cloud (who requested access, what account was created, who accessed credentials, and more).
Credentials auto-fill Idemeum browser extension can seamlessly auto-fill Entra ID credentails when technicians access Entra ID portals.
Zero-knowledge encryption When Entra ID account is created and the password is set, it is encrypted with the master key, so that idemeum team does not have any visibility into your passwords.