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Elevated Access to Computers

Supported features

High-level overview of the features that Elevated Access to Computers offers.

Elevated Access to Computers feature table

Feature Description
Automatic named account creation Idemeum will automatically create individual named accounts for your technicians to stay compliant with cyber frameworks.
Just-in-time (JIT) computer accounts Idemeum helps ensure Zero-Standing Privilege by automtically enabling and disabling individual admin accounts only for the duration of the session.
Automatic password rotation Idemeum will rotate admin accounts passwords after each technician login.
Login with Passwordless MFA Technicians are not exposed to credentials and access happens with Passwordless MFA application by simply scanning a QR-code and approving login with biometrics.
Elevation with Passwordless MFA Technicians can elevate in a remote session or while physically at the workstaion with Passwordless MFA when privileged actions needs to be carried out.
Workstation access control Using the cloud portal you can control what technicians have access to what customer workstations.
Audit logs Detailed audit logs are captured and maintained in the cloud (computer log in, log off, lock and offline code access).
Offline computer access When the workstation is offline, technicians can login with one-time code that can be retrieved from the idemeum mobile application.
Cloud MSP portal Idemeum MSP portal centralizes the control and management of multiple organizations from one dashboard.
Silent installation Idemeum supports various installation methods, including PowerShell, Intune, SCCM, and more.
Windows local, domain-joined, Azure-joined Idemeum supports all flavors of Windows workstations.